A simple way to get Synonyms and Antonyms

Do not repeat yourself, use SynAnt to enrich your written and spoken language.

Why use SynAnt

Improve your writing

If you are writing a paper, tautology is not a good thing. Using SynAnt you get synonyms and antonyms straight from the dictionary. You do not need to be overwhelmed with definitions, etymology and other linguistic things. Just take a synonym and use it in your sentence next time you need to use the word.

Imrove your speech

When preparing and giving a speech it is important to enrich your language to both explain your thoughts more clearly and to persuade more effectively being understood by more people. Using SynAnt your speech is improved as the usage of synonyms is a great way to make your language more vibrant and persuasive.

Improve your thoughts

Sometimes you cannot remember the right word for something. Use SynAnt to get it from the tip of your tongue. No more wasting time on trying to get 'that exact' word. In a second you get all the synonyms and antonyms straight from the dictionary on your mobile phone, saving the time browsing the internet for that.

Get logical chains

Logical chains are useful to understand people's logic. Based on logical chains people make their lives and build thoughts. Use SynAnt and find synonyms and antonyms. It can also be used as a game to find a logical chain from one unrelated word to another through linking synonyms.

Here are some of the responses from people that used SynAnt.

It is an absolutely free app that is open-source. Check it out on github or install it on your phone. It uses dictionary API to get the synonyms and antonyms.

Thank you!